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Samsung Flip is an interactive display that streamlines productivity and enables efficient collaboration. With Samsung Flip, meetings can take place anywhere and at any time, with all vital aspects included. Take a closer look at how Samsung Flip can help you and your team work smarter, faster and better.

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About Sensinova

Sensinova is one of the best Motion Sensor / Occupancy Sensor manufacturer company in India which is located in Gujarat. As a leading manufacturer it provides wide range of sensors products in different technologies at a very reasonable pricing and with excellent features. Sensinova sensors are unique in features and design with cutting edge technology. Sensinova sensors are available in all the techonologies like PIR / Microwave / DualTech etc. and had always focussed on producing world class products.

Sensinova had made occupancy sensors for the use of home automation, commercial and industrial use in all the technologies which covers different detection range of area and with different mounting as per the need of the customer. Microwave sensors works on RF waves and it can sense small minor motions such as if someone crawls or walk inside the room irrespective of ambient room temperature.

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Home Automative devices

Smart LED Lights

A Light Control Sensor and light on/off sensor Is An Intelligent Device That Helps You To Save Energy Automatically By Just Installing This Device. It Is Widely Used On Both Indoor And Outdoor Lighting Of Commercial, Industrial, And Residential Spaces. Its Main Aim Is To Provide The Right Amount Of Light Where And When It Is Needed.

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Smart Sensor

PIR Sensor "Passive Infrared Sensor" reacts to the temperature change (heat energy) caused by the movement of human body. It requires an unobstructed line-of-sight for accurate detection, if there is an obstruction, such as furniture or partition between the person and the detector...

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Microwave Motion Sensors

Sensinova Is Manufacturer And Supplier Of Microwave Motion Sensor Which Can Detect Motion And Inform You By Alarm Or Light Whatever Installed With Sensor. Sensinova Is Gujarat Based Home Automation Company And High Quality Sensor Providing Across In India.

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Samsung Display Solusation

Samsung builds another digital landmark, the biggest SMART LED Signage in South America.

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