by Sensinova April 9,2016

10 Places Where You Can Implement Day/Night Switch for Saving Energy

The SN-PC300 Is A Light-Control Sensor Switch That Is Made In A Way To Turn Off The Lights When The Ambient Light Is More Than What Is Set As An LUX. The Device Acts As An Automatic Photocell Switch That Can Be Used For Turning The Lamps On Or Off. If The Ambient Light Is Darker Than The LUX Level That Is Set In Advance, It Will Switch On The Lights. The Reverse Is Going To Happen If The Ambient Light Is More Than LUX Settings. The Device Also Includes The Functions Of Time Setting And LUX Adjustable. Noted For Being Easy To Use And High On Convenience, The Device Has Already Been Praised Widely By Various Critics.

With A Working Temperature That Ranges Between -20?C And +40?C And A Power Frequency Of 50 Hz, It Can Offer Reliable Performance For Long Hours. The Power Sourcing For This Device Reads Between 220 – 240 V/AC. The Ambient Light For Which It Can Be Adjusted Ranges Between 3 LUX Or Less And 500 LUX. The Built-In Timer Can Be Set For Anywhere Between 1 And 9 Hours. Such Flexibility Offers Great Usage Options For Anyone Who Is Looking To Install Them For Power Saving.

In Order To Install The SN-PC300, An Individual Must First Switch Off The Power Supply And Get This Device Set In The Right Position. The Four Screws Placed On The Cover Should Be First Loosened And The Cover Removed. Based On The Provided Connection-Wire Diagram, The Wire Should Be Connected To The Product. The Product Should Then Be Installed With All Enclosed Inflated Screws Set Properly. Finally, The Cover Should Be Placed Properly Over The Switch. The Power Can Then Be Switched On For Testing And Regular Usage.

This Switch Can Also Serve As A Day/Night Light Control Sensor That Illuminates An Area When The Ambient Lighting Is Low Or Keep The Lights Off When It Is Day Time Or When The Ambient Lights Are Strong. Among The Places Where This Switch Can Be Installed Include [sn-pc300]

  • Driveways
  • Back Yards
  • Holiday Homes
  • Parks
  • Street Lighting
  • Tunnels
  • Car Parks
  • Multi-Storage Car Parks
  • Glow Sign Boards
  • Gardens

This Safe And Secure Switch Not Only Helps To Save Energy And Bring Down Power Expenditure But Also Bring Down Instances Of Thefts And Burglaries That Occur In Public Spaces. It Is For This Reason That Many Localities Are Actually Choosing To Use These Switches.