About BDS-6XX

Low Voltage Dual‑Tech Occupancy Sensor

The BDS type of the TRANS‑DUO sensor family are low voltage dual technology occupancy sensors designed with isolated dry contact output for load switching through a power pack or a building management system for energy efficient lighting control. These sensors combine digital Passive Infrared (PIR) and a High Frequency Doppler (HFD) sensing technologies together in one housing.

All TRANS‑DUO sensors are available with interchangeable lenses.

  • Models : BDS‑600SS b, BDS‑610SS b
  • Tech : PIR+HFD
  • Power : 12‑24 VDC
  • Output : IDC
  • Wiring : Wire leads, Terminal block
  • Control : For occupancy based lighting and BMS control
  • Omni‑directional digital quad element PIR sensor.
  • 12‑24 VDC low voltage power supply operation.
  • Advanced High Frequency Doppler module.
  • Isolated dry contact output for versatile control.
  • Digital data control ambient light sensor built-in.
  • Accu‑Set potentiometer TIME and LUX settings.
  • Bi‑color LED indicator for walk test verification.
  • Snap‑on clip makes sensor installation easy.
  • Available with interchangeable lens selection.

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