by Sensinova April 13,2016

Difference between PIR Motion and Microwave Motion Sensors

Presence Detectors Are Important Electrical Components That Are Used In Various Buildings. These Come Mainly In Two Forms, I.E. Microwave Sensors, And PIR Sensors. Both These Two Types Of Detectors Have The Basic Function: To Detect If There Is A Presence Of Any Individual In The Room Or Not And If There Is Not, Then Switch Of The Electric Lights Of That Room.

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by Sensinova April 9,2016

10 Places Where You Can Implement Day/Night Switch for Saving Energy

The SN-PC300 Is A Light-Control Sensor Switch That Is Made In A Way To Turn Off The Lights When The Ambient Light Is More Than What Is Set As An LUX. The Device Acts As An Automatic Photocell Switch That Can Be Used For Turning The Lamps On Or Off. If The Ambient Light Is Darker Than The LUX Level That Is Set In Advance, It Will Switch On The Lights.

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by Sensinova April 6,2016

Save up to 60% Electricity by Using Smart and Intelligent Sensor Device

Motion-Sensitive Light Switches Or Occupancy Sensors Are Quickly Growing In Popularity As They Help Users To Cut Down On Their Power Consumption. They Are Now Widely Used In Many Public And Corporate Buildings And Spaces. Motion-Sensitive Light Switches And Occupancy Sensors Help To Detect Presence And Absence Of People Within An Area And Accordingly Turn The Lights On Or Off. They Can Reduce The.

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