About LMD-5XX

Line Voltage Bi‑Level Occupancy Sensor

The LMD type of the TRANS‑HFD sensor family are line voltage occupancy sensors with 0‑10V output for bi‑level control. These sensors employ an advanced High Frequency Doppler (HFD) sensing technology to provide superior sensing performance of minor motions, such as typing, writing, or reading.

All TRANS‑HFD sensors are available with various mounting options.

  • Models : LMD‑509S a
  • Tech : HFD
  • Power : 120‑277 VAC
  • Output : SLV
  • Setting : Accu‑Set pot DIP switch
  • Wiring : Wire leads
  • Switching : Hybrid
  • Control : Multi‑mode,bi‑level StepDIM control
  • High Frequency Doppler sensing technology.
  • 120‑277 VAC universal line voltage powered.
  • Hybrid switching for controlling loads with HIC.
  • 0‑10V output for bi‑level dimming control.
  • Accu‑Set potentiometer for quick and easy setting.
  • 4 levels of HFD sensitivity setting programmable.
  • 4 control modes selectable via DIP switch setting.
  • Ambient light sensor to inhibit unneeded lighting.
  • Available with variety of mounting options.

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