OS‑NET sensors are the fundamental devices that constitute the OS‑NET mesh network. In other words, OS‑NET is a wireless mesh network formed by a number of OS‑NET sensors. Every ONS is a perfect combination of occupancy sensor, daylight sensor, lighting control processor, and wireless communicator. The Omni-ONS can be flexibly integrated with an OEM luminaire or mounted on a ceiling in a variety of options.

  • Models : ON‑LRD‑509S a b
  • Tech : PIR
  • Power : 120/277 VAC
  • Output : SLV+AO
  • Setting : Remote
  • Wiring : Wire leads
  • Switching : Hybrid
  • Control : Multiple sensing controls with 0‑10V continuous dimming or multi‑level dimming
  • Omni‑directional quad element infrared sensor.
  • Digital data control ambient light sensor built‑in.
  • Line voltage operation with wireless connectivity.
  • 2‑way IR remote programmable sensor setting.
  • One sensor can be members of multiple groups.
  • Hybrid switching technology with 0-10V control.
  • SmartDIM or high/low multi‑level StepDIM control.
  • Exceptionally long remote programming range.
  • Flexible fixture integration or ceiling mount options.
  • Interchangeable lens options for all applications.

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Catalog of OMNI-ONS