by Sensinova April 6,2016

Save up to 60% Electricity by Using Smart and Intelligent Sensor Device

Motion-Sensitive Light Switches Or Occupancy Sensors Are Quickly Growing In Popularity As They Help Users To Cut Down On Their Power Consumption. They Are Now Widely Used In Many Public And Corporate Buildings And Spaces. Motion-Sensitive Light Switches And Occupancy Sensors Help To Detect Presence And Absence Of People Within An Area And Accordingly Turn The Lights On Or Off. They Can Reduce The Overall Energy Consumption Of A Building By About 60%, Although The Savings For A Particular Installed Sensor Can Often Be Much Less. It Is For This Reason That One Should Carefully Consider All The Pros And Cons Before Getting Occupancy Sensors Installed In Specific Locations.

The Motion Sensors Are Ideal For Being Installed In Your Front Door Area As It Helps You To Avoid Fumbling With Your Keys When You Are Trying To Enter Your Home At Night. With Motion Sensors, You Can Also Avoid Tripping Over Any Plants Or Steps Inadvertently As You Approach Your Home. Once You Enter Your Home, You Will Not Need To Desperately Reach Out For The Switches To Light Your Room. The Same Thing Also Applies When You Are Going To Bed. You Will Not Have To Separately Check Whether All Of The Lights Are Switched Off Or Not; The Motion Sensors Are Going To Take Care Of That For You.

There Are Mainly Two Different Types Of Sensor Switches Available In The Market, Namely Microwave Motion Sensor And PIR Motion Sensor. While Many Offices And Even Domestic Homes Use Them Nowadays, In Recent Times Many People Have Started To Wonder Whether It Is Really Important To Install And Use Them At Homes. The Costs Involved For Purchasing And Installing Them Have Been Seen To Be Often More Than The Amount Of Power That They Are Saving. Apart From The Initial Expenses, These Switches Also Consume Some Phantom Power Since They Are Generally Kept In The Standby Mode. Hence Unless You Forget To Switch Off A 60-Watt Bulb For 14 Hours Per Day 365 Days In A Year, It Is Really Not Worthwhile To Install A Motion-Sensitive Light Switch In Your Home.

It Is A Much More Practical Choice To Install A Motion Sensor Light Switch In A Corporate Building Or A Low Or Medium Traffic Area Where People Are Prone To Leave The Lights On Accidentally As They Move Away From The Place. Some Of These Areas Include Closets, Entrances, Bathrooms, Garages, Utility Closets And Guest Rooms.