TRANS-HFD Occupancy Sensor

About TRANS-HFD Occupancy Sensor

As a premier sensor specialist, IR-TEC continues to expand its TRANS sensor family with single tecnology High Frequency Doppler (HFD) occupancy sensors. Like all sensors of the TRANS family, these sensors also utilizes the innovatinve - "Interchangeable EMO".


This innovative design concept has helped creating the TRANS ceiling sensor family, which consists of numerous types of occupancy and daylight sensor feature distinctive functionality and electrical characteristics for all applications of energy efficient lighting control. All TRANS HFD occupancy sensors can be mounted in various options with specific mounting brackets. In addition, the HFD sensors can be mounted behind drop ceiling tiles or inside a light fixture behind the lens without requiring an opening on the cover.

Products of TRANS-PIR Occupancy Sensor

LMS-5xx Series

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LMD-5xx Series

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